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Here you can see myself and other members of The Orphans team give you updates and tidbits from the production of The Orphans. We recently wrapped up our latest series, The Orphans: Investigation. This series tied together all three series of the show and tied them off in a bow. Now that you know how all of these series come together it's time that we start exploring what the future of The Orphans is. We are currently in active production on not one, not two, but three separate series of The Orphans. These are in various stages of development and I would love to tell you a bit about each of them now.

The Orphans is currently in production on up to three projects

The Orphans Season 2

This series has been a long time coming now. We have been teasing you with the follow up to our original series since it first aired in 2016. Now we're finally bringing you the bacon so to speak. The series is currently being written with six scripts completed. We will begin recording by the end of March 2019. The post-production time on this series is going to be a lengthy one. The six episodes currently written total nearly 200 pages with at least two more scripts on the way. To put that into perspective, Investigation our most ambitious series to date only totalled 184 pages.

The series will kick off right from the end of Investigation and will chronicle the further journey of Nora, Will, Olivia and GeoFFRy. Coming along on their journey will be Diana Strange, Richard Hart and Axel. You will get to see characters from every corner of The Orphans' Universe and how they interact with our newly rescued refugees.

The Orphans: Anthology

A continuation of the Orphans' tradition of bringing together many different stories under one umbrella, The Orphans: Anthology will bring together many writers from The Orphans' family and the wider world of Audio Drama. The series features stories by Ella Watts, James Barbarossa, David Devereux (Tin Can, Middle:Below), Beth Crane (Hembra, We Fix Space Junk), Ali Hylton (Dining in the Void) and more that we're excited to announce. The Orphans: Anthology will be released in Spring/Summer 2020. We're excited to showcase these writer's incredible talents.

The Orphans: Rebellion

We have been working hard to bring you the first TTRPG (Table Top Role Playing Game) set in the world of The Orphans. The series is created by Ella Watts and focuses on the first ever clone rebellion

on the planet of Coracas.

In the capitol city of Esperanza our players can choose to join this new-born rebellion or choose to fight against it. Rebellion has been in the works for a long time, and we're excited to explore this new aspect of the world. Updates will be coming soon about our first foray into the world of RGPs.

Keep an eye on The Orphans' blog for more updates on production for these and more projects. See you soon!

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