Have you ever wanted to write for The Orphans? Well now is your chance! We are launching a new writing competition!


We are accepting submissions for scripts that are 1-3 pages in length and feature 1-3 characters. These scripts should be written with remote recording in mind. Try taking advantage of scenarios where characters are speaking over communicators, or one character is a computer.


You should avoid making any sweeping changes to the world of the show. Make the stories more personal. Each episode should be a self-contained and cohesive story in it's own right.

We will be selecting 5-8 winners each of whom will receive a small cash prize ($15) and have their episode produced for release in Summer 2020.


Anyone can submit and episodes need to be submitted by May 1st. Winners will be announced on May 5th. The link is below!



Any questions? Come to DISCORD and ask a question in our writing competition thread!


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